We enable seamless KPI reporting that transforms business performance

Monetr’s reporting as a managed service ensures

We provide seamless data and reporting setup

Maintain reporting & KPI’s so you can focus on delivering business growth and efficiencies

Enables team collaboration and drives business performance

Monetr’s KPI reporting as a managed service drives key business outputs

“The Monetr data reporting service has been a game changer for Sunskips, enabling us to further scale the business and drive profits. They setup the reporting and share with the team and this gives Sunskips the key insights we need to drive our business forward.”

Mathew Stewart
MD – SunSkips

Key business challenges Monetr solves

Rapid and accurate data setup and management
Our data and reporting enables you to focus on high value data analysis and team collaboration

Track key performance metrics

Enable company wide access to key performance metric

Allow teams to collaborate on the business metrics that drive business performance

Free your team’s resources up to focus on high value business outcomes


Use Case

SMART reporting enabled Sunskips to focus on key business outcomes and grow sales by 40%

As a fast growing and innovative company we need our data to work for us so the team can make smarter decisions on a daily & weekly basis. With Monetr we’ve become a data driven business at a fraction of the cost, time and expense that other solutions were offering.

Mathew Steward
SunSkips - MD


  • Sales & Marketing team unable to access key performance metrics
  • Inability to share KPI’s and deliver core business outcomes


  • Monetr app enabled instant sharing of core KPI's
  • Smart graphs enabled the team to focus on core drivers of success
  • Access across mobile app and desktop drove engagement
  • Team collaboration reduced wasted time on email & drove actions


  • Sales increased by 40% within 12 months
  • 100's of reporting hours saved
  • Team now focused on core bussiness outcomes

Key reporting challenges Monetr solves

No need to manage and maintain the data

No need to setup and maintain data integrations

Make all your data insightful, develop smart and relevant data predictions

Automate manual processes to save time and money

No need to create and update graphs manually
No need to do manual calculations to see MoM and WoW
No need to share kpi’s and updates manually via email and across multiple channels
No need to reply to email and chat threads with no graphical or historical context