Information collected in Monetr app


It is required but does not have to be the legal first and last name. Can be an alias. It is used only within the application to identify user activity:

  • Identify who has posted a comment
  • To be able to mention a user in a comment
  • To build and display the list of members with whom you want to share the information
  • All this within the context of the user role: Manager, Editor or Viewer


It is identified with the user’s identity but not publicly. The only place in the app where we can find the user’s email associated with the name (alias) or his/her profile picture, is in the private section of each user.

It is used for:

  • User login
  • Receiving automatic app emails, like being invited by another user as Editor to a new metric
  • 3. USER CONTENT: Photos or videos

    It is not mandatory for the user to upload a profile picture for the correct functioning of the application

    His/her picture is only used in association with his/her username and/or alias, following the same rules as mentioned in paragraph 1.

    The picture should have a resolution of 64 pixels x 64 pixels and are not downloadable


    We collect engagement information on user activity:

  • How many organizations he/she creates
  • How many projects he/she creates
  • How many metrics he/she creates
  • How many comments he/she adds
  • Session length
  • This information is for the exclusive use of Monetr and is collected anonymously. We do not need to associate specific engagement activity to a specific user.


    We generate user tokens for sending push notifications under these conditions:

  • They are not exposed neither in the application nor in the backend
  • Only push notifications are sent in the context of the application related to the user’s activity
  • Push notifications are not used for external communications nor are they related to your organization. Push notifications are not used neither for commercial purposes nor for promoting new features

    Same information as mentioned in paragraph 4. Under the same conditions, user engagement metrics are not linked to specific users.


    Same information mentioned in paragraphs 4 and 6. Under the same conditions, user engagement metrics are not linked to specific users.

    We also collect application error data to identify potential bugs. This information identifies specific users but only in the context of the development department.


    • Integration with Google Sheets is optional and at the end user’s choice.
    • Monetr App is a collaborative data collection, reporting and KPI monitoring tool.
    • The collected information is structured and hierarchised on 3 levels:
      1. Organisation
      2. Projects
      3. KPIs or metrics
    • The information is secured with 3 user roles:
      1. Administrator: User owning the data, responsible for configuration and content management
      2. Editor: User responsible for reporting and commenting on the metrics to which he/she has been authorised.
      3. Viewer: User with permission to view and comment on the metrics to which he/she has been authorised.
    • The Administrator user has the following functionalities assigned to him/her:
      1. Creating / Editing / Deleting organisations
      2. Creating / Editing / Finalising / Deleting projects
      3. Creating / Editing / Finalising / Deleting Metrics
      4. Assign other administrators to an organisation
      5. Assign editors and viewers to metrics
      6. Interact with users
      7. Configure the integration of a metric with Google Sheets
    • Data reported manually or captured from Google Sheets is stored in the application’s database.
    • The administrator can stop and remove the synchronisation of a metric with Google Sheets.
    • Data deleted by the admin user is physically deleted from the database
    • The data collected by the user are for the exclusive use of the user
    • Monetr App does not have access to the application on behalf of the user
    • Monetr App does not distribute user information to third parties.
    • All functionalities of Monetr App are secured with JWT technology.

    Monetr App use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements